Quick Start

Learn how to receive fast and secure payments with VoguePay.

VoguePay offers a range of services that make it possible for you to send and receive money across the world in minutes. In this documentation, we'll go over some of the integration options we offer to give you a quick overview of what is obtainable with VoguePay.

To start collecting payments online with VoguePay, It is required to first and foremost create an account with VoguePay.

To set up your VoguePay account, Go to https://voguepay.com/register and provide your details to create a free account.

After setting up your VoguePay account, Integration can begin. You can integrate VoguePay into your projects using any of our integration options. Once you're done, you will be able to receive payments from customers all over the world.

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